Social Prescribing Link Worker


GPs have many people visiting them with non-medical issues, such as feeling lonely, isolated, or stressed by work.

Or perhaps they have a debt problem or a welfare issue - all of which can affect a person’s health and wellbeing. 

As well as offering practical and emotional support, Social Prescribers have the time to work with patients to find out what matters to them; and to empower them to connect to a specific service or a community group, where they can make friends, learn new skills, and gain support or advice.

Our Social Prescribing Service is available to anyone who would like help to improve their health and wellbeing. 


We can support you with: 

  • Arts, music, outdoors and creativity 
  • Befriending, counselling, and other support groups 
  • Housing, benefits and financial support and advice 
  • Employment, training, and volunteering 
  • Education and learning 
  • Getting involved in local groups and activities 
  • Accessing specialist services and support 
  • Healthy lifestyles and active lives

Social Prescribers work Monday to Friday, generally between 08:30 and 17:00.

This service is currently only for people over 18. It is not an emergency or urgent care service.

You can access a social prescribing link worker if you are registered with Davenport House Surgery, The Elms Medical Practice or The Village Surgery, Harpenden.  You can be referred by a Clinician, GP, Nurse, HCA, Clinical Pharmacist or anyone who works in your medical practice.

Once a referral has been received, you will be contacted by a Social Prescribing Link Worker and offered an appointment.